Women in Today's Society - WITS
A Cleveland High School Organization for Young Feminists
Girls & Boys
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WITS, a fantastic and fabulous group of Young Feminists @ Cleveland High School in
Reseda, was founded by
Heather Martin, who was extremely concerned about the
lack of organized opposition to racism, sexism, and homophobia at her campus.

Each year, WITS members hold an annual consciousness raising event during which
students hear speakers from many different activist organizations, learning about the
actions that they can take to free the world from discrimination and harassment.

Several years ago, hundreds of students were turned out by WITS to demonstrate
against the takeover of Northridge Hospital by Catholic Healthcare West, in protest
against CHW's tradition of abolishing birth control, in vitro fertilization, and other
reproductive health services, including emergency contraception for rape victims, at
other hospitals it has taken over.
Cleveland High students view the "T-Shirt" Project which graphically
portrays the feelings of victims of rape, violence, and abuse.
Why I started WITS
By: Heather Martin

I started WITS in High School because I was fed up.  Yeah, that’s right.  I was angry – and sick and tired
of being angry.  I wanted to see change.  I wanted to see awareness. And I wanted to see women in
their proper place – wherever they saw fit.

A woman’s place is wherever she wants to be.  The only thing that stops us is our choice to change the
world or not.

WITS was a little piece of that change fueled by women like yourselves who wanted to actively create
the world you live in – not be victims of it.

We are women who want to achieve whatever our heart desires.  We are women who want to stop
physical and sexual abuse.  We are women who want to be independent yet not apologetic, and help
other women to be the same.  We want all women to recognize that they have innate power and God-
given rights.  And we want to see them harness this power en masse.

The only way to achieve this was to act.  With the support of SFV NOW and those individuals in the
school who weren’t afraid of a breath of fresh air, we were able to create events, raise awareness, and
create a community where we could lean on each other and pull each other up to our greatest heights.

I am so proud that WITS continues so many years after I graduated.  And actually I am quite surprised.  I
like to think that the staying power of useful movements and organizations comes because it
harnesses the power of those who want things to be better  - those who continually strive to create a
new vision for themselves and others, and pursue it vigorously.

I am so proud of the young women who are keeping this organization going year after year.  I know you
are our future leaders, mothers, friends, and most importantly – You are the voices of change that
cannot cease to yell out when others are oppressed, and to help the oppressed to find their own

The fight can take many forms, but whatever form you choose, the fight must continue, and it can only
continue if it burns in your heart.  See it, taste it, work for it – a new world is upon us, and guess what –
We are that new world.  We are the future – Young Women.  Get used to it – Somebody has to lead us
to better things and why not us?  

So envision it. Work for it.  Bring others into it. And don’t let up – Our future depends on us!
Heather Martin, Founder