SFV/NELA NOW Board members with former Attorney
General Janet Reno, L-R:  Harriett Elliott, Cynthia Conover,
Janet Reno, Jan Tucker and Linda Pruett
SFV/NELA NOW's Board-2012

Chapter Co-Presidents:

Cynthia Conover
Jan B. Tucker

Board Members:

Linda Pruett
Betty Knight (Disability Rights Chair)
Roxana Inga
Jeff Belmont (Family Law Task Force)
Tina Black
Norma Ramirez
Dan McCrory (Labor Liaison)
Jose Luis Ramirez
Renata Sdao
Tina Black
Mia Lee
Patricia  Nazario
Kade Sdao
Sandra Luz Gallegos
Carol McArthur
Deborah Greenspan
San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los
Angeles NOW is the result of the
merger of three chapters, each of
which has a long and respected
history, the San Fernando Valley,
Northeast Los Angeles, and
Inner-Cities Los Angeles chapters.
Below:  SFV/NELA NOW is more committed to
the next generation than to the next election...
Above, Casey O'Connell with youngster at a chapter
letter writing party for feminist issues.